Frequently Asked Questions

SEG is short for Silicone Edged Graphics. Silicone edge graphics get their name from the thin silicone strip that is attached directly to the edge of the graphic. This strip is then pressed snugly into a recessed groove in the frame, which allows you to pull your graphic tight for a seamless, wrinkle-free appearance. The SEG fabric is carefully sized to fit tightly within the frame, making this easily one of the best looking and most convenient ways to display Wall art. Our silicone edged graphics are printed on high-quality polyester fabric using a dye sublimation printing process. This two-step process involves using high heat to transfer ink directly into the material, so it becomes a part of the graphic itself.

Our aluminum SEG frames are 15mm | 1/2” Th, giving the print a near frameless appearance. The fabric installs so easily into the frames recessed grooves that it can be put on in minutes. When it comes time to take the graphic down or switch it out for a different one, removing it is as easy as pulling the fabric out of the frame in any corner.

An SEG frame must be attached to the wall on all four sides...Three screws on top...and one screw in the middle of the sides and bottom of the frame. This is necessary because the fabric stretches to give you a tight, seamless, wrinkle-free appearance.

Your SEG fabric has been pre-cut to fit your frame and the Keder tape has already been attached. Insert the SEG fabric art, after you have attached frame to wall, by first tucking one corner...then the opposite diagonal corner(s)....Once corners are inserted work from the center to the edges to complete installation. Enjoy your Big Art.

Yes, and it's as easy as pulling the fabric out from one of the corners.

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